About 300 years ago, the forests in Europe were in great danger. Laws were enacted to ensure that only as much wood was taken from the forests as could grow back over the same time period (Loit Ordinaire Louis XIV). But the forests were not saved by these laws, which were ignored. The forests were saved by the discovery of a new energy source: coal! Or what back then was referred to as the “underground forest”.

Today we know that coal and oil as an energy source, regardless of their scope, definitely endanger the global climate and thus our prosperity. Representatives at every climate summit struggle to agree on (or not to agree on) new targets, which hardly any country complies with anyways in the end.

We need a new energy system in a proper economic system. Although laws and subsidies can perhaps help initiate this, they cannot sustainably establish it. The required technology and resources are available. The necessary innovation involves departing from previous patterns of behaviour and starting to implement economically foundational energy concepts. This would bring a kind of dynamism to the energy industry which in the long run no lobbying efforts would be able to counter. It is the mission of Aigys to bring this kind of movement into the energy industry.