Natural Energy Sources

Energy for tomorrow can come only from renewable sources. There are plenty of resources for this purpose. The efficient use and intelligent combination of these different sources is what is needed.

Wind power and photovoltaics have the economical advantage that resources such as the wind and sun are available for free. However, it is not possible to directly ensure 100% availability, since the wind is not always blowing and the sun does not shine at night. Biomass and geothermal energy, in contrast, can be used around the clock. The Aigys team and network has years of experience in planning, building and operating combined generating concepts.

Biochar multiplies the potential of biomass. With an energy density approaching that of fuel oil, the efficiency of biomass heating stations can be considerably increased by using biochar pellets. The gas released by the pyrolysis during the production process can be converted into electricity and the waste heat can be used for pre-drying the biomass. Biochar can also be used technically in filter technology or as an additive. When used as Terra Preta, it helps make arable land more fertile, while bringing CO2 back into the soil (carbon negative). The Aigys team offers concept studies, planning and engineering as well as operator concepts from biochar refineries on an industrial scale.